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Are you traveling to new country ?

  • What is your knowledge about practical cultural situations ?

  • How much you know about customs and etiquette of country you are traveling ?

  • Do you know how to make a better impression in your first meeting ?

  • Do you know 60% international relationships fails because of cultural misunderstanding ?

  • Play the quiz game and test your cultural knowledge

Cultural Aspects of South Sudan - CultureDude

South Sudan

Did you know that South Sudan is the newest country in both Africa and the world? This former member…

CultureDude: Cultural Aspects of Sudan


Did you know that there are a…

CultureDude: Culture of Angola


Did you know that Angola has two…

Cultural Aspects of Mauritius - CultureDude


Did you know that Mauritius is a…

CultureDude: Cultural Aspects of Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone

Did you know that Sierra Leone is…

CultureDude: Cultural Aspects of Seychelles


Did you know that Victoria, the capital…

CultureDude: Culture of Iraq


Did you know that the oldest-known system of writing was developed around 3200 B.C, in Iraq and is known…

CultureDude: Cultural Aspects of Turkey


Did you know that The Trojan War…

CultureDude: Cultural Aspects of Russia


Everyone knows the interesting fact that Russia…

CultureDude: Cultural Aspects of Philippines


Did you know that the Philippine flag…

CultureDude: Culture of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

Did you know that in Saudi Arabia,…

CultureDude: Culture of Bangladesh


Did you know that Bangladesh has one…

CultureDude: Cultural Aspects of Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Did you know that Costa Rica hosts more than 5% of the world’s biodiversity even though its landmass only…

CultureDude: Culture of Bolivia


Did you know that Bolivia has the…

CultureDude: Culture of Venezuela


Did you know that Venezuela is home…

CultureDude: Culture of Chile


Did you know that Chile is the…

CultureDude Peru Flag


Did you know that Peru is the…

CultureDude: Culture of Canada


Did you know that Canada has the…

Cultural Aspects of Bulgaria - CultureDude


Did you know that the world’s oldest gold treasure, dating back more than 6,000 years, was discovered in Bulgaria?…

CultureDude: Culture of Sweden


Did you know that the largest shopping…

CultureDude: Culture of Italy


Did you know that the ice cream…

CultureDude: Culture of Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Did you know that Czech Republic is…

Cultural Aspects of Austria


Throughout the world Austria is recognized for…

CultureDude: Cultural Aspects of Russia


Everyone knows the interesting fact that Russia…

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Do you represent a international company?

  • How do you know your multi cultural team do not have cultural misunderstanding ?

  • Do you know that team productivity decreases by 30% because of cultural misunderstanding ?

  • Do your sales team know 60% of conversion can be improved by understanding your international customers culturally ?

  • Do you know that 40% of international ventures fail because of cultural pitfalls ?

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Are you a cross cultural consultant?

  • How do you prove to your client that they are in need of cross cultural training ?

  • Do you want to differentiate yourself from other cultural consultants and win new business ?

  • After your training, how do you prove to your client that your training was effective and made a difference ?

  • How do you make your class room training fun and interactive ?

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Client Testimonials

CultureDude is a great game when teaching diversity. At Learnmera Oy we have used the site for cultural language training as well as in our workshops with international EU project partners. It makes learning fun and is also great to use as icebreakers and in friendly competitive teamwork for companies - Veronica Gelfgren, MD, Learnmera Oy
From a personal point of this age when silly computer games take over the space from Lego and other old-school toys, these games provide adults and kids with some meaningful fun while they make them more culturally aware getting them ready to be a playful and skilled global citizen! - Csaba Toth - CulturePro Consulting, UK, Developer of Intercultural DISC