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Are you traveling to new country ?

  • What is your knowledge about practical cultural situations ?

  • How much you know about customs and etiquette of country you are traveling ?

  • Do you know how to make a better impression in your first meeting ?

  • Do you know 60% international relationships fails because of cultural misunderstanding ?

  • Play the quiz game and test your cultural knowledge

Cultural Aspects of Djibouti


Did you know that Lac Assal in Djibouti is the saltiest lake outside of Antarctica? It is even saltier…

Cultural Aspects of Zambia


Did you know that Zambia’s Lake Kariba…

Cultural Aspects of Guinea - CultureDude


Did you know that Guinea Conakry was…

CultureDude: Culture of Egypt


Did you know that Ancient Egypt is…

Cultural Aspects of Mali - CultureDude


Did you know that the first university…

Cultural Aspects of Liberia - CultureDude


Did you know that Liberia is the…

China flag culturedude


Did you know that China is often considered the longest continuous civilization, with some historians marking 6000 B.C. as…

CultureDude: Culture of Iraq


Did you know that the oldest-known system…

CultureDude: Culture of Vietnam


Did you know that approximately 40% of…

CultureDude: Culture of South Korea

South Korea

Did you know that South Korea loves…

CultureDude: Culture of Laos


Did you know that Laos’ biggest agricultural…

CultureDude: Cultural Aspects of Russia


Everyone knows the interesting fact that Russia…

CultureDude: Cultural Aspects of Nicaragua


Did you know that the largest natural lake in all of Central America is located in Nicaragua? Called lake…

CultureDude: Culture of Uruguay


Did you know that in 2009, Uruguay…

CultureDude: Culture of Chile


Did you know that Chile is the…

CultureDude: Culture of Colombia


Did you know that Colombia has 84…

CultureDude: Cultural Aspects of Brazil


Did you know that about 1 million…

CultureDude: Culture of Paraguay


Did you know that in Paraguay homes…

Cultural aspects of Lithuania - CultureDude


The culture of Lithuania combines an indigenous heritage, represented by the unique Lithuanian language, with Nordic cultural aspects and…

CultureDude: Culture of Switzerland


Did you know that Switzerland has more…

CultureDude: Culture of Hungary


Did you know that some of the…

Cultural Aspects of Croatia - CultureDude


Traditional Croatian culture is characterised by exceptional…

CultureDude: Culture of Greece


Did you know that Greek people have…

CultureDude: Cultural Aspects of Netherlands


Did you know that Dutch people are…

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Do you represent a international company?

  • How do you know your multi cultural team do not have cultural misunderstanding ?

  • Do you know that team productivity decreases by 30% because of cultural misunderstanding ?

  • Do your sales team know 60% of conversion can be improved by understanding your international customers culturally ?

  • Do you know that 40% of international ventures fail because of cultural pitfalls ?

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Are you a cross cultural consultant?

  • How do you prove to your client that they are in need of cross cultural training ?

  • Do you want to differentiate yourself from other cultural consultants and win new business ?

  • After your training, how do you prove to your client that your training was effective and made a difference ?

  • How do you make your class room training fun and interactive ?

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Client Testimonials

CultureDude is a great game when teaching diversity. At Learnmera Oy we have used the site for cultural language training as well as in our workshops with international EU project partners. It makes learning fun and is also great to use as icebreakers and in friendly competitive teamwork for companies - Veronica Gelfgren, MD, Learnmera Oy
From a personal point of this age when silly computer games take over the space from Lego and other old-school toys, these games provide adults and kids with some meaningful fun while they make them more culturally aware getting them ready to be a playful and skilled global citizen! - Csaba Toth - CulturePro Consulting, UK, Developer of Intercultural DISC