About CultureDude

Culturedude bannerHaving knowledge of cultural similarities and differences is vital to successful interactions with other cultures. Understanding while not stereotyping is the goal. Developing cultural competence is invaluable to business and relationships.

People should exploit the benefits of cross cultural teams in today’s globalized life, but people should learn how to manage diversity in order to excel in reaching goals. That is why it is invaluable for a company, a team or business travelers to know their cross cultural competence level and develop these skills.

CultureDude helps people learn about cultural situations in a fun manner by using cultural games.

Value added for Business Travelers:

  • Fun to play games provide a unique learning experience by eliminating boredom.
  • Every cultural game has practical cultural situations which will help you in personal and business relationships.
  • Rational description in the form of additional information will help you understand why certain situations in certain countries are handled differently.
  • Detailed report will be sent to your email as quick tips for your quick reference.
  • Available on-line. Easy to register and play anytime, anywhere.

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Value added for International Companies

  • Unique cultural dashboard provides real time measurement of your organization’s cultural perception index (see below more details about the dashboard).
  • Data about individual employees’ cultural knowledge.
  • Information about your organization’s cultural pitfalls and impact in your day to day business.
  • Available on-line. Quick to setup, no additional installations needed.

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Value added for Cross-Cultural Consultants

  • Define your customers’ service scope efficiently
  • Enhance your service portfolio
  • Add value for your customers by offering CultureDude’s metrics
  • Engage with your clients with an up-to-date strategy

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Our mission is to enable our customers to learn about intercultural differences and enhance their cultural awareness, in order to facilitate successful relationship and communication building in business and/or personal life.

For organizations, this internal knowledge will enhance business relationships and avoid long term business failures.

About Cultural perception dashboard

cultural perception dashboard imageIn multicultural organizations, the most complicated and difficult process is to understand their members/employees inner values and how they interact with other members.

This holds true especially in international organizations with multiple cultural background employees working together for a common goal.

This is quite often invisible and it takes a long time to see the impact. One of the most common reasons of failure of international organizations is cultural misunderstanding.

Most inner values of people are derived from environmental and cultural background from which members/employees originally come. They can change, but most of the time they remain deep inside.

Hence, educating other members about these inner values helps them understand each other in a better way.

The Cultural Perception Dashboard helps your organization measure your members/employees’ cultural knowledge and hence helps increase the company’s cultural awareness.

In the Cultural Perception Dashboard, you can view:

  • The overall cultural perception index of your company/organization;
  • Your regional cultural knowledge (per country or per culture);
  • Individual members / employees’ cultural knowledge;
  • The impact of cultural pitfalls in your business.

If you would like to get your own cultural perception dashboard for your organization or would like to see a demo, please write an email with your organization’s name and business information to

About our innovative 6 stage process of cultural scenario content development

culturedude content infographic

Content development infographic picture

1. Content through internet

Cultural news from different internet channels were collected and analyzed by CultureDude’s Cultural robot research software. On top of that CultureDude’s team of cultural experts have been consistently researching and collecting valuable information about various cultural scenarios through the internet.

2. Content through reliable channels

Content has been analyzed by using reliable channels who share similar interest in developing cultural related materials. These channels have been ranked and collected by CultureDude’s team.

 3. Content reviewed and additionally developed by an expert

Team of cultural experts reviewed and developed additional scenarios from the analyzed content. The scenarios were reviewed with both cross-culture communication consultants and non-experts.

4. Content reviewed and additionally developed by user group

Information was validated by a group of people from different countries but with a broader idea about neighbouring countries in the same cultural cluster. The group reviewed the content for the country where they originated from. This way, our cultural experts’ team was able to obtain first hand feedback about the real time validity of the information in the game.

5. Content reviewed,developed and tested by target group

Group of people who have experienced some of the scenarios and shocks in real life situations, either by travelling or by living in the country, reviewed the content and gave constructive feedback for improvement.

6. Content developed and analyzed by crowd sourced feedback

Real time feedback about the information’s usefulness was collected from the users playing the game by clicking on buttons. The game tabulates the feedback so that our cultural experts could see in the back-end dashboard if the majority of people find the scenario useful or not and continuously modify the content again if needed.

Download CultureDude content development explanation pdf [CultureDude_Content_Development_Process.pdf]
Download CultureDude content development infographic [CultureDude_Content_Development_Infographic.jpg]
Download CultureDude content category infographic [CultureDude_Game_Categories_Infographic_Design.png]