Cultural Perception Dashboard

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cultural perception dashboard

In a multicultural organizations, most complicated and difficult process is to understand their members/employees inner values and how they interact with other members.

Especially in international organizations with multiple cultural background employees work together for a common goal.

This quite often invisible and takes long time to see the impact . One of the common reason of failure of internationalizing organization is the cultural misunderstanding

Most inner values of people are derived from environment and cultural background in which members/employees originally come from. It can change but most of the time it remains deep inside.

Hence educating other members about this inner values helps them to understand each other in a better way.

Cultural Perception Dashboard helps your organization to measure your members/employees cultural knowledge and hence help to increase the cultural awareness.

From cultural perception dashboard , you can view

  • Overall cultural perception index of your company/organization
  • Individual cultural knowledge ( per country or per culture )
  • Individual member / employees cultural knowledge
  • Impact of cultural pitfalls in your business

If you like to get your own cultural perception dashboard for your organization, please write an email with your organization name and business information to

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