Mindfulness workshop for cultural awareness

CultureDude - Mindfulness workshop

CultureDude offers one day workshop which combines , Yoga, Pranayama (Breathing exercise), Meditation, Mettabhavana and Mindfulness to empathetically understand cultural prejudices from the root of your mind. This techniques are widely used in ancient India to understand your feelings from the root of mind. All knowledge and learning happens in intellectual level or in conscious level. Still your past incidents are buried in your sub conscious makes one to feel and behave differently to different people. Here cultural, race and country prejudice.

Workshop program

Session 1  – 40 Minutes

  • Prepare your body and mind : 20 minutes of Pranayama and Simple Yoga
  • Listen deep inside you :  20 minutes of Meditation to understand your own self

Break  – 10 Minutes ( tea )

Session 2 – 40 Minutes

  • Experience nature of body : 20 minutes of guided meditation to observe your bodies impermanace
  • Experience nature of senses and perception : 20 minutes Vipasana meditation to observe your senses and how the chain of thoughts happen.

Break – 1 hour ( Food and Tea )

Session 3 – 40 minutes

  • Experience negativity: Mettabhavana to experience your cultural prejudice.
  • Experience positivity : Mettabhavana to experience your cultural prejudice.

Break – 10 minutes ( tea )

Session 4 – 20 minutes

  • Experience compassion : Love and kindness

Workshop Ends

Workshop requirements

  • One must remain in silence the whole workshop and you can speak only with facilitator if you need any
  • Should not consume any intoxicants during the workshop and day before
  • Simple vegetarian and simple meal during the workshop

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3227 10696 68079 11146

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Cultural Learning 2.0

Cultural Learning 2.0 brings modern tools into cross cultural training by CultureDude and our partners.
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Client Testimonials

CultureDude is a great game when teaching diversity. At Learnmera Oy we have used the site for cultural language training as well as in our workshops with international EU project partners. It makes learning fun and is also great to use as icebreakers and in friendly competitive teamwork for companies - Veronica Gelfgren, MD, Learnmera Oy
From a personal point of this age when silly computer games take over the space from Lego and other old-school toys, these games provide adults and kids with some meaningful fun while they make them more culturally aware getting them ready to be a playful and skilled global citizen! - Csaba Toth - CulturePro Consulting, UK, Developer of Intercultural DISC